Product system

01Blu-ray 3 d scanner

OKIO 5M Plus

02Handheld 3 d laser scanner

FreeScan X3
FreeScan X5
FreeScan X7
FreeScan Plus
FreeScan Trak

04Other products

DigiMetricPhotogrammetric system
3DProbeLight pen measuring instrument
Motion capture system
Expression capture system
True color 3 d scanner

Application case

FreeScan+DigiMetric=“Think tank”The secret of building star rowing
Want to create“The star”Rowing,Hull is very exquisite craftsmanship。Rowing boat body is long and narrow and fine,Like weaving shuttle。One of the longest eight coxswain17-18M,The smallest single boat8Meters long。How can fast and accurate measurements of any position of the boat,To obtain and difficult to deal with all kinds of surface bending part of the 3 d data,Become the manufacturers want to attack the problem。
Dimension reduction!When met line measurement of 3 d digital detection technology
The current,How to quickly get the casting mould and high precision data is becoming a major manufacturers focus。However, in actual production process,There are still many factories still use traditional measurement methods。The next,Together we look at the kawasaki mechanical arms suppliers,Is how to break through the traditional line measurement,Benefit from3DScan of the new technology!

Hand in hand Create the future


Industry applications

16Years of research、Development、Working experience in manufacturing and application

The automotive industryAeronautics and astronauticsNew energy industryHeavy industry manufacturingrail traffiOther applications

The information center

Beijing TianYuan three-dimensional technology co., LTD

Company profile home page

TianYuan 3 d is a new three board listed company(Stock code:872587),Company is the government department as national high-tech enterprises,
The specialty is engaged in3DMachine vision detection solutions provided,16Years of research、Development、Working experience in manufacturing and application,Has been in the industry front-end makes TianYuan 3 d。