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Standard glove box

Seal life more than a decade; Leakage rate is low(<0.001%/h),Daily automatic detection; Large amount of gas adsorption(O2:45-60L); The water of oxygen content is accurate and reliable,The probe failure alarm; Regeneration cycle is long(More than one year); Low failure rate;Safe and convenient to use。

Custom inert equipment system

Countries“One thousand plan”Helwig technical team, led by distinguished experts,Dr Has a number of chemical and engineering, With rich experience in scientific research and process design

Purification system

Provide gas purification and experiment environment of the integration of system

Solvent purification system

Removal of oxygen and water purification various solvent safely and quickly

High quality accessories

All kinds of high quality accessories meet the demand of experiment

Helwig gas purification technology(Suzhou)Co., LTD

Helwig gas purification technology(Suzhou)Co., LTD., is by the state“One thousand plan”Entrepreneurial talent of high-tech companies。2005To establish production bases in suzhou Singapore industrial park,Research and development、Design、Production of inert atmosphere equipment(Containing nitrogen seal glove box, etc)、Gas purification and liquid purification system,For the chemical、Materials、3DPrinting、Laser welding、The nuclear industry、OLEDAnd solar cells, such as the provision of anhydrous oxygen free nitrogen free even ultrapure ultra-clean inert atmosphere environment,Water and oxygen content can be achievedPPBLevel,Nitrogen content can be achieved< 1PPM,Cleanliness1OrISO-2Level。Helwig in Beijing、Changchun、Guangzho、Wuhan、Chengdu、Xi 'an、Houston in the United States、The American buffalo、London and other places set up branches and offices。

Throughout the year20Years of ultra high purity gases(The purity>99.999999%)On the basis of purification of experience,Developed the world's leading inert atmosphere equipment sealed and purification technology。Helwig is a high-tech company has dozens of patented technology。

Helwig with more than 30 countries and regions all over the world to provide thousands of inert atmosphere equipment and systems,Help researchers engaged in multiple areas of research and production。Helwig powerful design and processing of non-standard equipment and system's ability to provide customers with the ideal technical solutions。

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